Mels Outrageous Championship Washers - Fun For The Whole Family!  Made in St. Louis, Missouri.  You can create even more games with Mels!

Mels Outrageous Championship Washer Game is a "must have" for your Camping & RV Trips, Float Trips, Back Yards, Picnics, Family Reunions, BBQs, Kid's Parties & More!

Mels Outrageous is Smash Approved!!


Our History - Who Is Mel?

Mel & Madison"Mel", is Melanie my daughter, who I named the game after.  "Outrageous" is for all the games that you can adapt to the washer targets.  That is why the game is called "Mels Outrageous".  The company name, Madico, Inc., is named after Melanie's daughter and my granddaughter, Madison.

Mels Outrageous is a family owned and operated business in every sense, from operations to our name.  My name is Rick and I'm a 52 year old Union Plumber, Local 562.  I invented and patented an Outrageous and updated version of a very popular game played here in the Midwest called "Washers".

We had a mold made and Mels Outrageous is injection molded and made of a very durable, high-impact resistant, and weather resistant plastic.  Each target weighs 5.25 lbs. each.  I made the game as if I were buying it.  We also made the game fun and safe for kids to play, outdoors or indoors with the 2" hacky sack type balls that we provide with the powder coated washers and instructions in each game.

Two months ago we started using rubber washers, 2 1/2" in diameter by 3/8" thick, with a 3/4" hole in the middle.  These washers can be used by adults and kids, indoors or outdoors.  People who have used them have really enjoyed them.  They can be used in indoor tournaments, too.  These rubber washers will be available on our website, but not in the game as of yet.

Mels Outrageous was patented and trade marked with a Patent Attorney - PATENT # US 7,134,662.  Everything was done in accordance with the law and by the book.  I would like to thank a friend, Phil Bates, who invented a deer stand camouflage, for convincing me to patent and market Mels Outrageous.

Also, I read a quote that motivated me.  "Fear is temporary.  Regret is forever."  I didn't want to be sitting around in 20 years saying, "I wonder if we could have done something with that game?"

A special thanks to my wife, Cindy, for allowing me and standing by me through all of the ups and downs.






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